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3 min readApr 11, 2024


🛸 “More than a bridge! Moving towards L2!” 🛸

🛸 Join the Orbiter Finance Community Migration!🛸

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⚠️ DO NOT trust any other invite links.

📅 Duration: 2024/4/11–2024/5/16, 8 AM UTC

Migration questions

1️⃣ Why new discord server?

The existing Discord of Orbiter has, in the past, restricted users from enjoying full benefits (such as role updates and accessing specific channels) due to permission issues. Despite Orbiter’s attempts to contact Discord officials for a solution, no response was received. To expedite progress, we are preparing to initiate a community migration.

Beyond being a cross-rollup bridge, we are unveiling our groundbreaking rollup strategy to transform the ETH ecosystem — Vizing!

At this pivotal moment for Orbiter Finance, we have decided to migrate the community, offering everyone a safer and more comprehensive environment.

The new Discord will mark a fresh beginning for all members. We will be able to reassign roles and offer a wide range of services that were previously unavailable on our current Discord, providing full benefits such as role updates, access to specific channels, and more.

2️⃣ Timelines

Migration Duration: 2024/4/11–2024/5/16, 8 AM UTC (5 weeks)

Old server:

2024/4/11, 8 AM UTC — Only #general, #support-ticket

2024/4/15, 8 AM UTC — Only #general

New server: 2024/4/11, 8 AM UTC — All channels open, except #support-ticket

2024/4/15, 8 AM UTC — All channels open

3️⃣ Any Improvements in the new server?

  1. Speeding up response time for Support Ticket inquiries.
  2. Increasing the number of helpers in the General channel.
  3. Addition of a new event information channel.
  4. All spam/scammer/invite links are not allowed in new server.
  5. Brand new Language fusion channels.

Roles Questions

1️⃣ How to get a role?

In the old server, roles are no longer being updated. Here are the new server rules:

  1. Users holding Pilot NFTs can claim their role through the identity bot.
  2. Selling Pilot NFTs and having no Pilot NFTs in your wallet will result in inability to claim your identity.
  3. Each user can claim several roles and link only one wallet.
  4. Flying Alien role will update later.

2️⃣ Roles, Pilot NFTs, which one is more valuable?

In the Orbiter community, both Roles and Pilots hold significant value:

  • Roles: Represent the contributions users have made to Orbiter and their support for the platform.
  • Pilot NFTs: Will be converted into O-Points in the future.

While Roles signify user engagement and commitment to the community, Pilot NFTs serve as a valuable asset that will transition into O-Points, offering additional benefits within the Orbiter ecosystem. Each holds its importance within the Orbiter community framework.

3️⃣ How to get my contributor role?

We have already backed up all members with the contributor role in the old community. Moving forward, we will manually add these members back in, and we will identify them based on their usernames/Discord IDs.

4️⃣ Any new roles?

Stay tuned for unlocking!

About Token Airdrop

1️⃣ Wen Orbiter tokens & airdrops?

In appreciation of our devoted community, we are thrilled to confirm the launch of our native token this year. We’ll gradually unveil the tokenomics and distribution plan, ensuring a fair process. The O-Points Program will play a crucial role in shaping our airdrop rules. Stay tuned for exciting rewards and opportunities.

Information details will be announced when everything is ready, remember O-Points are the key to future airdrop.

2️⃣ Wen $MANTA

We have been in constant communication with the Manta team as they are responsible for the token distribution. We will resolve this issue as soon as possible. We apologize for the long wait and appreciate everyone’s patience. Thank you.


1️⃣ Where can I get support?

2024/4/15, 8 AM UTC

Old discord ticket system will be closed, new discord ticket server will open.

2️⃣ Who will help me?

Mods, Chat Rangers, will help you in the new discord server. You could ask them for help in different channels/categories, feel free to chat.


1️⃣ My O-Points will be affected?

No, this does not affect your point. Please keep your wallet safe, because O-Points cannot be transferred. Do not click any spam/scammer links. Never tell others your seed phrases and private keys.

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Orbiter Finance is a decentralized cross-rollup Layer 2 bridge with a contract only on the destination side.