OCLUB AMA RECAP: Orbiter X Crypto Maze (06/04/2023)

6 min readApr 13, 2023

On this edition of the OCLUB AMA, we are delighted to welcome Crypto Maze as our distinguished guest. Crypto Maze is an up-and-coming player in the zkSync ecosystem, and during the course of the show, we had the pleasure of hearing from their CEO, Alex, who shared with us their highly anticipated product roadmap for the future.

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  1. What is Crypto Maze? [07:01]

Alex: I can confidently say that we have been one of the most professional teams around zkSync. For example, the team that I work with and other co-founders have more than 10 years of experience in game development and backend engineers. I’ll say our team have a very, very deep knowledge in our areas. We are building great things together. Obviously, we reached out to the zkSync in a long time ago. Since early 2022, we developed a relationship to build the gaming ecosystem that can be persistent on the zkSync. We also choose to work with OpenSea, so we can have a decent scale and security. We have many components in our ecosystem because apparently we are working on two games. One is our biggest crypto maze game, and the other is a very special one that I’m sure the Orbiter community and the zkSync community will love. The second game we working on it will launch very, very soon. It will allow everyone to play for free on zkSync to claim five special NFTs and to race. It’s a racing game and to have a part in the special tournament between different communities. So not only we engage different communities and give rewards and NFTs and they can interact with the zkSync, but other components from the ecosystem marketplace because we need a cheap marketplace that is fast because layer one becomes pretty expensive. So on zkSync very soon we will deploy our premium marketplace. So all of the community in zkSync will have a place to trade, to create items and these collections.

2. Toss more about the Crypto Maze game specifically. [10:12]

Alex: Crypto maze game a it’s a very exciting animal action game. What are these beautiful crypto mites? Our heroes can basically compete each other around the mazes. They can equip with special items. We have a lot of collapse with the other big brands because the crypto mites can be customised above. It’s a very, very interesting game. Basically Nedi, Mattias and other co-founders have worked on this game even before 2022. And when I basically approached that, we upgraded the whole concept of everything. So currently, the community can head over to https://www.cryptomaze.app/. The link is in our Twitter and you can actually play this simple demo of the game with the social hub with a bit of tutorial. You can encrypt your crypto mites, you’ll get one for free because when we don’t wanna limit people who don’t know crypto or who are not very professional, we want everyone to play the game, everyone to believe. We give everyone a free character.

3. Roadmap in zk Era and the hype about upcoming events of the Crypto Maze ecosystem and what opportunities are there for the community? [19:17]

Alex: What we can offer is a very fun experience for everyone who is on zkSync. We’re creating, first of all, this racing tournament, which is the maze racing game where people are on zkSync, people on other role of scale bridge can use Orbiter, people in layer one can use it and join the tournament. In this very exciting tournament, we’re partnering with a lot of NFT communities that people can battle and compete with each other. But at the end of every day, everyone can claim a free special NFT. I’m sure everyone who loves using zkSync and the transactions and collecting NFTs will be racing with us to get the NFTs. This is the first bit of events, there’s a lot of excitement around it. The second one, just after the tournament finishes, is the deployment of our marketplace. I just said there are many marketplaces on zkSync, but not that they’re connected with events. And with the marketplace, we are actually launching tower of NFT collection on zkSync, which we already have a lot of people reaching out plus who are the whitelists. But the whitelisting process will start in about one week. So basically the next 2 months are super busy with us and we’re consequently dropping updates, NFTs, racing, fun and transactions on the zkSync.

4. Is there any special utility of this collection? [24:29]

Alex: The collection on OperaSea, the majority of the crypto mites on the field, is a very special collection. It’s very limited. Seven of them is the premium asset in our ecosystem. Like you mentioned, it’s a public information that holders of our collection are qualified to get the a free airdrop of our second collection when we drop in zkSync very soon. So basically they get this for free. And in the future, we have maybe drops that are coming, for example, land, people of having digital land, holders of the origin collection will be able to get a free land plot, many different things.

5. When do you expect your marketplace to go live on zkSync Era and will it be open for new collections to launch with you? [45:22]

Alex: So the timeline for the marketplace we expected to be on testnet soon and for the launch of the marketplace, I think within 1 month which is expected to be out. About the new collections that are launching, it will be open, it will be open for everyone to list with us. We will have some preferred partners over time, but for partner with us, I would say we have a really good process. We are very, very strict with this, as you can see on our website, we only have zkSync, Chainlink and Unity. So basically, if you talk a strategic partnership, but for the marketplace, everyone who understands the collection will be able to start one, and the teams that have good background about integrated collections in the game. So in one month, all the communities will be able to use the marketplace on zkSync and get the games there and trade very, very cheaply.

6. How to get involved with Crypto Maze? [47:09]

Alex: There are a few ways obviously which is always free to start. So basically you don’t need the kind of money to start. You don’t need to. If you have, I would say the best way to start in my humble opinion, not the financial advice to get all the crypto mites. Obviously, the collection is split in two. But of course, you can get over to our Twitter crypto maze.apps for our Twitter or join Discord. This is the first step to join in the project, you can deep early to anything. Over the next 2 to 3 weeks, we will start dropping a lot of updates, a lot of opportunities for people who are starting now with crypto. All of these specials, zkSync NFTs that you can collect five of them to get a special pass, this will be free. So people should head over out this part, follow some data and just be very, very active. So They can catch the opportunity.

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