Orbiter API — Seamless Cross-Rollup Integration

2 min readJan 15, 2024


Orbiter Finance is an Ethereum Acceleration Engine powered by Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technology, aimed at enhancing the performance of Layer 2 solutions and reducing gas consumption. Our primary objective is to bring about a revolutionary transformation in the Ethereum ecosystem through the efficient utilization of ZK technology. We streamline all transactions on Layer 2, ensuring they are not only cost-effective but also expedient, thereby optimizing the overall efficiency of the network.

We are currently offering Orbiter API services to developers, aiming to expand the Web3 ecosystem. By integrating our API, we hope to provide users with more functionality and choices, further advancing decentralized applications.

Ultimatum of Cross-rollup Transactions

Orbiter Finance enables cross-rollup transactions of Ethereum-native assets in a trustless and seamless manner. We support various networks, including Ethereum, Base, zkfair, Linea, zkSync era, Arbitrum, Starknet, zkSync Lite, Polygon zkEVM, Polygon, Arbitrum Nova, Loopring, Optimism, Immutable X, BNB Chain, Manta, Op BNB, Mantle, Scroll, Kroma, Zora.

The power of Orbiter

Since its inception, Orbiter Finance has experienced remarkable success in the cross-rollup market. It has established a substantial user base and played a pivotal role in connecting rollup environments and collaborating with diverse DApps, driving ecosystem growth within the cross-rollup space.

How to Integrate with Orbiter API

Integrating Orbiter API into your platform is straightforward:



Base URLs:

Test: https://openapi2.orbiter.finance/sdk

Production: http://api.orbiter.finance/sdk

Contact Us

Connect with our team to explore the limitless potential of Orbiter API integration. We are here to guide you through the process, answer any questions you may have, and support you in creating a seamless cross-rollup experience for your users. Join us!

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Orbiter Finance is a decentralized cross-rollup Layer 2 bridge with a contract only on the destination side.