The Orbiter Evolution: From Bridge to Rollup, Reshaping the Ethereum Ecosystem

5 min readJan 30, 2024


Orbiter Finance is set to launch another satellite into the Ethereum galaxy! Today, we are thrilled to announce Orbiter Rollup — a pioneering ZK-powered instant omni meta-layer that brings forth limitless scalability and unified liquidity to the Ethereum mainnet.

Why is Orbiter Rolling Out a Rollup?

Building on our success with Orbiter Bridge, a widely-used protocol that’s the leader in cross-L2 bridges, Orbiter Finance aims to elevate our brand to new heights.

Our decision to venture into the realm of rollups is rooted in our extensive experience as a bridge. Managing a substantial volume of transactions and serving a vast user base over the past two years, we discerned a growing demand for an intent-centric, omni-rollup solution. This insight propels Orbiter Finance to introduce Orbiter Rollup, envisioning a broader blueprint for a seamless, omni-connection future. By simply clicking on the interface, users can transfer not only assets but also ALL data across ALL L2s.

Orbiter Marches into the Layer 2 Realm

Orbiter has already established a significant presence in the Layer 2 (L2) landscape. Our flagship protocol, Orbiter Bridge, commands an impressive 57% market share of transactions. In 2023 alone, it successfully processed over 12 million transactions, totaling a remarkable 7.8 billion dollars. Our transaction volume is comparable to other top-tier L2 networks, making us a competitive player in the space.

Transitioning the bridge to a rollup enables us to handle substantial transaction volumes more efficiently and cost-effectively. As one of the pioneers in this domain, we possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in various L2 ecosystems and applications, both technically and operationally. This advantage positions us to navigate the Layer 2 landscape seamlessly, ensuring our continued success and excellence in the industry.

Why a ZK-rollup?

ZK-rollups will dominate the Layer 2 space in the years ahead, as emphasized by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. Our mission is in harmony with this vision, aiming to catalyze a revolutionary transformation in the Ethereum landscape through the efficient use of ZK technology.

For Orbiter Rollup, we utilize advanced Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) and hardware accelerators to drastically increase throughput. This is achieved by batching transactions and enabling off-chain computations, which can also significantly reduce the gas fee for each transaction and increase speeds, all while inheriting the security of Ethereum.

We have also leveraged the cutting-edge SPV (Simplified Payment Verification) based on ZKP technology to verify the validity of transactions initiated from Layer 2s on the mainnet and to arbitrate fraudulent relayers through the EVM, and thus reduce the cost of arbitration and latency of communication.

With our deep expertise in ZKPs, Orbiter Rollup will redefine the Web3 experience for users and developers. By streamlining all Layer 2 transactions in a way previously deemed technologically unattainable, we aim to initiate a paradigm shift where blockchain meets simplicity in ways you’ve never imagined!

How does Orbiter Rollup stand out?

Orbiter Rollup is emerging as a fundamental infrastructure layer of Ethereum, with a focus on ultimate interoperability and enhanced fund efficiency. Here’s a glimpse into what sets us apart:

We have it all: Operating as a zkEVM, Orbiter Rollup replicates Ethereum’s environment, enabling full compatibility with the Ethereum ecosystem. This ensures a seamless and cost-effective migration of existing EVM smart contracts, developer tools, and DApps, positioning us as a gateway for both enterprise adoption and widespread usage.

We attain the zenith of blockchain infrastructure excellence:

1. Security: All user transactions will be recorded on the Ethereum mainnet, and the data availability from Layer 2s can be effectively verified on L1. Orbiter Rollup also implements rigorous arbitration to ensure the security of cross-chain messages.

2. High Performance, Low Fees: Our innovative use of ZKPs significantly reduces transaction and arbitration costs. Engineered for instant transactions and enhanced capital efficiency, we eliminate lengthy wait times during message transfers. Orbiter Rollup is designed to optimize cross-chain communication by canceling or overriding transactions based on their nonce, ensuring effective and swift message transmission.

3. Decentralization: Orbiter Rollup has enhanced the decentralization of the protocol. By leveraging zk-SPV to prompt accurate responses from Makers and ensure fund security, we can provide complete access to the Maker role, thereby achieving decentralization. This approach fosters an open ecosystem, monitored and governed by mathematical algorithms, eliminating reliance on centralized authorities.

We are intent-centric and extremely user-friendly: Blockchains have frequently faced criticism for their subpar user experience, hindering widespread adoption. Hence, the concept of ‘intent’ has become a new buzzword, as it allows users to achieve end goals without requiring intricate knowledge of the paths.

Orbiter Rollup functions as the intent layer, primarily used for the decentralized aggregation of messages related to cross-chain intents of Orbiter users. We assure users of achieving their desired outcomes without specifying the step-by-step execution, as we and other solvers navigate the complexities and intricacies to make the user experience smoother and more delightful.

Ultimately, we believe that within the entire Layer 2 landscape, users will only need one EVM-compatible account to seamlessly explore the Ethereum ecosystem. Orbiter Rollup stands as the catalyst, bringing this vision to fruition.

Unveil key features

Orbiter Rollup possesses the capacity to integrate the most cutting-edge technologies available in the market. Here are a few hallmark features that showcase our technological expertise:

ZK-SPV to Facilitate Private Transactions

  • We can prove the validity of historical data in smart contracts. This is crucial for optimizing curves and reducing impermanent loss for LPs in AMM protocols.
  • ZK-SPV technology can conceal specific input information, allowing DApps to execute private transactions based on it.

Omni/Orbiter Account Abstraction (OAA) Protocol

  • OAA is Orbiter’s next-generation account abstraction protocol, advancing from the ERC4337 Account Abstraction Protocol. OAA aims to foster fast and secure communication across various chains via the Orbiter omni-chain interoperability protocol, ultimately lowering operational costs for users and driving the widespread adoption of crypto.
  • Orbiter Rollup will phase out EOA accounts and transition to providing full support for OAA accounts.

A Consensus Layer for the Orbiter Omni-chain Protocol

  • Orbiter Rollup can synchronize messages from the Orbiter omni-chain protocol, allowing DApps to seamlessly access all cross-chain data within the ecosystem.
  • In case of an arbitration incident within the Orbiter protocol, Orbiter Rollup can function as an arbitrator, identifying the party involved in malicious behavior.
  • Governance committees and economic models of the Orbiter omni-chain protocol will be established on Orbiter Rollup.

The Orbiter evolution: From bridge to rollup!

Orbiter Rollup signifies a significant stride in our commitment to fostering widespread crypto adoption and introducing a secure, efficient, and decentralized infrastructure.

Our rollup upgrade enables seamless and user-centric message transmission services within the Ethereum ecosystem. This, in turn, will contribute to the scaling of Ethereum and optimize its overall interoperability and efficiency, allowing both users and developers to enjoy their Web3 exploration and experiences across various DApps and other use cases.

The Orbiter team will unveil our esteemed partners and launch the beta version, marking a pivotal moment in accelerating the evolution of zero-knowledge technologies and Web3 in general. So, hop on board and roll with us as we send the rollup rolling into the crypto universe — it’s going to be a blast!


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Orbiter Finance is a decentralized cross-rollup Layer 2 bridge with a contract only on the destination side.